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SEP-PAL    is    the    perfect    solution    for    separating    loads    on medium pallets, as demanded by the market. SEP-PAL   uses   a   safe   and   secure   system   which   compacts the pallets. The   module   in   the   photo   consists   of   a   SEP-PAL   machine with   a   storage   for   stacking   Europallets   and   another   storage for unstacking half pallets.
SPECIFICATIONS Productivity: 50 pallets per hour Measurements of the pallet load: Maximum. 800x1200x1200 (mm) Electrical current: 12.25kW Voltage: 380 V Air pressure: 5 - 6 bar Air consumption: 400 l/h NB This   information   is   orientative.      Fabregat   S.L.   reserves   the right to make changes without previous warning.  All    information    and    so    forth    related    to    this    machine    is patented: PCT/ES01/00024
ADVANTAGES A unique Europallet palletiser High   productivity:   up   to   50   pallets   per   hour   or   100   half pallets      thanks      to      its      perfect      coordination      of mechanisms. Once    the    boxes    have    been    lifted    they    come    out completely intact. Robust structure Low maintenance costs Extremely useful for most of the food industry Stretch   wrappers   can   be   added   to   the   module   for   each separation
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