Our teams include:
At    Indústries    Mecàniques    Fabregat,    S.L.    we    have    over    30    years    of    experience    in    the development and manufacture of industrial machinery and automated installations.
About us
Our   attention   to   detail   at   every   stage   of   production   guarantees our clients´satisfaction.   We    design    and    produce    palletising    and    depalletising    cells, handlers,    case    formers,    packers,    B1    sealers,    wrap-around case packers, conveyors, elevators, etc.
Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering and Programming Manufacturing workshop Maintenance and start-up
Production includes:    
Robotic cells Bottle handling systems Bottle depalletisation Palletisers for boxes, jars, sacks etc Cartesian axes Separator / pallet splitter (world-wide patent holder) Conveyors, elevators and maintenance- Custom-made machinery    
Ind. Mec. Fabregat, S.L. Av.Anselm Clavé 37 - 25334 Castellserà (Lleida) SPAIN Tl. +34 973 610 183
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Our    projects    are    always    taylor-made,    designed    for    the specific   needs   of   each   client   and   their   installations.      We   also include    electrical    installations    and    automation    specifically programmed for each case.
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